Animosity! Blaze vs Ivy Satinee: Bitchy, Brutal Grudge Match Battle (2022)


Ivy and Blaze have absolutely loathed each other their whole lives, so when they end up at the same party one night, they sneak away to a back room to finally settle the score. Both in their high heels and little black cocktail dresses, they get in each others faces, trading insults, until Blaze throws her drink in Ivy's face, and from there an all-out brawl is on!

The rivals slam each other against the walls, trading strangles and belly-punches, until they fall to the floor in a dirty-fighting wrestling match. Shoes fly off and skirts ride up! The ladies pull hair, grab each other's breasts, choke, scissor, flip, and pin each other....

All the while they trade taunts and threats, with Blaze being especially mouthy, much to Ivy's annoyance.

But the fight escalates to a whole new level when one of the ladies pulls a cord from a near-hanging curtain, and wraps it around her enemy's neck. Soon the two are locked together, each strangling the other with the cord, gasping, straining, rolling over and over, and determined to settle this grudge...permanently!

Dramatic, bitchy, bad-blooded fantasy fighting, ending with a fantasy strangle KO.

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Animosity! Blaze vs Ivy Satinee: Bitchy, Brutal Grudge Match Battle (2022)