Bikini Bondage Caper: VeVe and Keri (2013)

Doom Maidens Wrestling

Filmed November 2013

VeVe Lane and Keri Spectrum each find themselves in a variety of "binds" in this complex, detective-themed bondage video. And since the setting is a "beach resort," the ladies wear micro thong bikinis the whole time!

Detective VeVe is investigating the mysterious disappearance of the wealthy young Mr. Carrington Jr. Her research leads her to the hotel room of Keri, Carrington's ex-girlfriend. When Keri discovers VeVe snooping in her room, all hell breaks loose!

The story takes several twists and turns, resulting in wrestling, scrambling, crazy holds, VeVe rope-bound and cleave gagged, VeVe ball gagged and bound to a bed, Keri facesitting and torturing bound VeVe, both ladies duct tape bound and tape gagged, Keri cleave gagged and bound to the bed, VeVe facesitting the bound Keri, treachery, bound struggling, gag talking, belly punching, lots of skin, and... did I mention bound struggling? Yes, a lot of that. And tiny thong bikinis!

VeVe is the "good girl," and the villainous Keri puts her through her paces, with VeVe in most of the binds. But good triumphs in the end of this tale, and VeVe both solves the case and gets her revenge on Keri with some well-deserved bound facesitting. All in a day's work for Detective Lane!

Running time: 40 minutes

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Bikini Bondage Caper: VeVe and Keri (2013)

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