Bound & Struggling Superman Becomes a Super-seat (Superman Legion & Diablo)

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Bound & Struggling Superman Becomes a Super-seat (Superman Legion & Diablo)

Doom Maidens Wrestling
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We're pleased to welcome newcomer Legion in for his very first bondage video experience. As he dons the Superman suit, not only does he wind up rope-bound, but also bullied and sat on by a rude and swaggering villain, Diablo.

Diablo lures the Man of Steel into his lair, where he then captures our hero with his infernally unbreakable Krypto-ropes.

Superman-Legion is enraged to be bound and helpless, and he struggles fiercely in futile attempts to burst free. As he sputters and flounders, Diablo stalks around him, taunting him, goading him... and eventually trying him out as a personal throne.

Indeed, to add to our hero's indignation, villainous Diablo delivers a bit of "facesit bully" treatment... first with his briefs, and then, for the ultimate humiliation, with just his thong. And our helpless hero suffers through several rounds of deep, thonged facesit smothering.

Superman-Legion seriously hates this (mis)treatment! He struggles, he growls, he groans, but he's stuck in so many ways... His only hope is to beg for the smother torment to end.

That's just music to arrogant Diablo's ears. Pleading is unbecoming of a superhero, but Diablo's wicked posterior cannot be refused. Our once-proud hero brought so low. Literally. And with his triumph complete, Diablo savors a victory pose.
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Details etc: Superman Legion is bound for the majority of the video. He struggles hard in indignation. Enraged and furious. Diablo is an arrogant, trash talking, swaggering bully-villain.

Most of the video features Superman Legion struggling in his bonds as Diablo taunts. Diablo wears briefs for most of the video, strips to thong for the several-minutes-long finale.

Moody lighting. Spotlight surrounded by darkness.

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