Fight Booster Brawl: KO Battle Rematch with VeVe and Talia (Nov 2023)

Doom Maidens Wrestling

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VeVe Lane and Goddess, now both in suntan tights, bring you yet another trash talking KO Battle!

After Talia snatched the victory in their previous KO Battle (found here), VeVe went out and, in an act of vengeance, snatched Talia's boyfriend in return! And so, Talia, now thoroughly irritated, has come to challenge VeVe yet again, intent on totally demolishing her.

But not without full reassurance, of course -- Talia has secured a special Fight Booster serum to boost her strength and give her an extra edge over her competition...

After catching VeVe with an initial KO, Talia is sure she has secured the comeuppance victory... But VeVe is resilient, and she manages to fight her way back against the performance-enhanced Talia. And down goes Talia, limp on the mats. AND, while Talia is blissfully out, VeVe gets a hold of the Fight Booster serum for herself as well. Now it's really on...

The ladies go at it, KOing each other in various ways: with headscissors, RNC, figure-4 scissors, bodyscissors, hand chokes, and more. There are 13 KOs, two of which are double KOs.

Whenever one lady KOs the other, she taunts her snoozing rival and variously: caresses the opponent's pantyhose legs, plays with her limp limbs, sits on her, and gloats arrogantly. ...And whenever someone manages to wake up, the ladies go right back to fighting for KOs again.

At last, VeVe secures the final victory and puts Talia in her place (down for the count and back on the floor!) VeVe then celebrates by taking her time to caress Talia's smooth tights-clad legs and posing gracefully over her spread eagle KOed opponent.

Vigorous Fantasy wrestling. Fantasy KOs. 1080 Full HD

VeVe: 5'4" and 125 lbs. Talia 5'6" and 126 lbs.

Main emphasis: KOs, pantyhose, arrogant rivals, trash talk, limp play
Camera angle: Primarily full body. Pantyhose always in view

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MP4, 1080 Full HD, 60 fps, 7 mbps

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22 minutes

Fight Booster Brawl: KO Battle Rematch with VeVe and Talia (Nov 2023)

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