The Frankie Blitz! Frankie Dominates Diablo: Who's in charge now?


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Diablo writes:

The Frankie Blitz! Who's in charge now?

Frankie dominates me in this scene we filmed together back in March. This is inspired by our previous "Super Muscles Meltdown" video, except the dynamic is reversed and rather different. Here, instead of superhero and supervillain, we're wrestler and wrestling coach....

And it's a humiliating defeat for your dear, cocky (and slightly kooky) Diablo... at the hands of an even cockier little punk! with trash talk, taunting, flexing, wrestling holds, and Frankie being smoothly arrogant.

Below is my long-winded description... or for TL:DR, just see the video preview :D

In this scenario, I'm Frankie's wrestling coach -- I taught him everything he knows... or so I thought. He's been winning all of his matches, but he's also been getting QUITE arrogant as a result. So, in I come to set him straight.

Now, mind you, I'm a bit ahem haughty ahem myself -- but rightfully so. I'm the real top dog here, I'm the one in charge, and I'm a decorated wrestler myself! Time to cool his jets. But, hmm, things here didn't quite go as I expected...

I find Frankie in the weight room, where our egos collide. He's stripped his singlet down to his waist, so I do the same. He shows off at weight lifting and arm wrestling, somehow besting me at everything. We hit the mats for wrestling, so I can show him a thing or two about humility...... but somehow, shockingly, he seizes control of the situation!

I face a humiliating downward spiral as Frankie traps me with pins, headlocks, RNCs, and other holds... and pect claws! As I become stunned and dazed in disbelief, he commands me to flex for him as he continues to torment me. The indignity! He even makes me call him "Master"... That little punk! I am not amused!!

And as I'm stunned, shocked, floored, dishevelled, and thoroughly annoyed, he counts me out with an arrogantly slow-count pin... and then victory poses over me. He flexes, showboats, flaunts. So smug and cocky! Ugh! Incredible....

(NOTE: There is no facesitting in this particular video, FYI)

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The Frankie Blitz! Frankie Dominates Diablo: Who's in charge now?

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