Joe's Revenge! vs Diablo: Dirty Tactics Pro-Style (February 2021)


This pro-style -inspired video from February 2021 was created based on fan suggestions. It is a direct sequel to Diablo & Joe's "Best Ass" match video (from Jan 2021).

Diablo writes:

"As I celebrate my (rightfully earned) "Best Ass" victory, loser Joe springs a nasty surprise attack. He ambushes me with a big wedgie on my blue briefs and then stuns me cold with specially prepared white cloth. My eyes roll and cross, eye lids fluttering.

Once I hit the ground, Joe arrogantly stinkfaces me as much as he likes in his stupid thong. Forward, reverse, against the wall. He trash talks arrogantly, boasting and gloating. And then he delivers a rude crotch kick to shock me up to my feet. He enjoys a few more low blows (which I am certainly not enjoying) before stripping me down to my micro thong.

But the true Ass Champion can turn this around! I get my bearings, tackle him into the wall, and deliver a nice, thonged, against-the-wall stinkface, really rubbing it in and letting him know who's the real boss around here.

But traitorous Joe's still got fight in him, and before I know it, I'm flat on my back getting stinkfaced by him again! We scramble, reversing each other and delivering back-and-forth reverse facesits.... and I'm sure to sit down on him as deeply as I can.

And just as I'm sure he's about to kiss my ass and repent... more foul play! And -- a sleeper hold?! Where'd he learn that move?! More eye rolling, crossing, fluttering for me, until he slides me down, ass up, on the mats. Some celebratory nonsense from Mr. Joe, blah blah blah. He flips me face up and facesits me as he does his cheater gloating. Blah blah blah. And (I can't believe this guy) he then concludes by doing a smug little wanna-be standing victory posing over me.

I'm just like, wow. Just wait 'til I get my hands on him again......."

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Joe's Revenge! vs Diablo: Dirty Tactics Pro-Style (February 2021)

I want this!