Mixed Pro-Style Battle Royale! 6-on-6: Anastaxia, Aralia, Katarina, Kira, Jaylah, & VeVe vs The Guys (June 2021)


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Mixed Pro-Style Battle Royale! 6-on-6
Anastaxia, Aralia, Katarina, Kira, Jaylah, & VeVe
Cincinnati, El Nino, Frankie, Hanz, Joe, & Nikolai
June 2021

In the mixed wrestling event of the summer, a team of six ladies, Anastaxia Domina, Aralia, Katarina the Domme Kat, Kira, Jaylah Rai, and VeVe Lane face off again six men in an Intergender Pro-Style Battle Royale Championship Match!

The two teams are lined up and faced off, eager for action, and at the announcer's call of "Fight!" they charge each other, launching absolute chaos on the mats! The huge mass of fighters soon pairs off, headlocking, bearhugging, fingerlocking, and gut punching for all they're worth. They struggle back and forth, ambushing other groups, switching off, and calling out their particular enemies.

The battle escalates even more as the wrestler begin to score takedowns, bringing each other down with the likes of a back breaker, atomic drop, crotch kick, and more. Now the standing struggle becomes a roiling sea of bodies on the mats -- a sea filled with Boston crabs and other fine specimens of holds: camel clutches, facesits and matchbook, and head and body scissors.

The ladies and the men trade punishments back and forth, each team making the other suffer, until finally one of the ladies is able to leap onto one of the men's backs unshakably squeezing him to submission! Now, with the numbers out of balance, the ladies begin to team up, doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling their powers to eliminate more and more of the the men! At last, they totally overwhelm the last man standing and finish him off with a final flourish!

A perfect victory for the new Intergender Battle Royale Wrestling Champions! The ladies line their defeated opponents up, then pile them up for all to see, to celebrate with many cheers, high-fives, and victory poses.

Pro-style wrestling. The ladies wear leotards with bare legs and bare feet. The men wear black spandex leggings. 1080 Full HD

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Mixed Pro-Style Battle Royale! 6-on-6: Anastaxia, Aralia, Katarina, Kira, Jaylah, & VeVe vs The Guys (June 2021)