Python & Prey: Megan Jones & Frankie (2016)

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Female Force-of-Nature Megan Jones presents her personal interpretation of "Python and Prey" as she stalks and demolishes Frankie in this latest edition of our series. Megan is a buxom and ferocious Python who physically overwhelms her smaller male prey in 2 separate scenes. Both scenes follow the same general pattern, both with emphasis on handsmother attacks, though there are some differences:

* Scene 1: Megan wears sheer black control top pantyhose. Megan overwhelms Frankie on the mats in classic "Python" style, though, unlike other Python women before her, Megan only uses the "backgrab" Python position at the end of the scene. Prior to that, she incorporates different wrestling holds as she also attacks with hand smothers.

* Scene 2: Megan wears tan pantyhose. Similar Python holds and action, but now with more emphasis on Megan bringing her feet up to Frankie's face. In addition to hand smothers, she also uses foot smothers in the scene several times.

Frankie has no hope of escape; the bigger, stronger Python Megan is always on top of him, unshakable and crushingly dominant. And she utterly enjoys the game, whispering menacingly to her prey. With confident ease, she quickly wears him down into helpless exhaustion, finally wrapping him from behind in a hand-over-mouth Python Embrace, until her prey is still at last.

Megan: 5'9" and 170 lbs.
Frankie: 5'4" and 150 lbs.

Total running time: 17 minutes

Smooth physical domination. Two separate scenes.
*** Note: In Scene 1, Megan's pantyhose spring a run (tear / "ladder") in one leg.

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Python & Prey: Megan Jones & Frankie (2016)

0 ratings