2023 Python & Prey: Two Scenes: VeVe & Legion AND Blaze & Legion


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Primal style mixed wrestling domination!  Featuring fierce female predators stalking and bringing down their desperate and helpless male prey...

This video file contains two separate Python & Prey scenes from August 2023:  The first with VeVe Lane and Legion, and the second with Blaze and Legion.  Each scene is about 8 minutes long, and each follows a similar format, with subtle variations based on the ladies' preferences.

The scenes go as such:

The female predator stalks her male prey on the mats and quickly pouncing upon him!  The prey struggles and tries to escape, but he is simply overwhelmed by the Python's physical power.  She traps him and toys with him, animalistic and threateningly, wrapping him up with her arms and legs, as he's struck with fear and desperation. 

She at last catches him in the Python's Embrace, wrapping her legs around him from behind, whispering menacingly, and tormenting him with hand smothers and RNC-style holds.  His eyes go wide as he tries to resist her, but she has him totally trapped in her clutches -- her legs locked tight, her hand smothers unstoppable.  Until, at last, he can resist no more and falls still... much to her primal delight.

Fantasy scenarios.  Dark and moody lighting. VeVe and Blaze wear bikinis.  Legion wears shorts.  1080 Full HD

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MP4, 1080 Full HD, 60 fps, 7 mbps

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2023 Python & Prey: Two Scenes: VeVe & Legion AND Blaze & Legion

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