Blue Jeans Agents Catball Battle: VeVe Lane & Enchantress Sahrye (2022)

Doom Maidens Wrestling
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Agent Sahrye comes looking for the traitor who took down her partner, but instead she finds the boss who ordered the hit, the top enemy agent, VeVe herself.

The two leap to a gunpoint standoff, but they can't resist taunting and boasting as they circle each other, and soon they've agreed to settle things hand-to-hand, strength-against-strength, body-to-body.

They toss aside their guns, strip off their shirts and shoes, and lunge at each other in a slapping, hair-pulling, squeezing frenzy. They stagger around the room, slam each other into walls, and finally tumble to the ground in a catballing tangle.

With vicious energy, the two roll across the mats, constantly shifting top and bottom, scratching and punching, struggling to pin, choke, or smother her rival.

The fight grows sweatier, more desperate, and more exhausting. At last, it seems one lady has the victory in hand...until her foe musters a final burst of power to lock on a utterly inescapable headscissor...

High-intensity fantasy fighting. The ladies start in tops, blue jeans, and high heels, then strip to bras and jeans with bare feet.

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  • MP4, 1080p, 60 fps, 7 mbps
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Blue Jeans Agents Catball Battle: VeVe Lane & Enchantress Sahrye (2022)

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