Sheer Fantasy: Anastaxia's Pantyhose Domination (October 2015)


Filmed October 2015

Commanding and graceful, with long, shapely legs in sheer black nylons, Goddess Anastaxia is the woman of Mike's dreams. He awakes (or does he?) to find her poised over him, mesmerizing him from the first moment, and ready to make him into her worshipful slave.

Anastaxia is smooth and dominant, posing over him, wrapping her luxurious legs around him, and compelling him to reverently kiss her feet. She is cold and deliberate, verbally belittling him and smiling at his lowly state. The pace is slow and dream-like, and Anastaxia takes her time as she moves about him, variously standing over him, head scissoring him, putting her feet in his face, and reclining as he worships her legs.

Savoring a final display of her power, Anastaxia squeezes him in a prolonged reverse headscissors -- too much of a good thing...

Dream sequence. Mike is sedate, compliant, and non-resisting the whole time. Many tableaux created. Stylized fantasy.

Total running time: 19 minutes

1280 x 720, 3.5 mbps. 30 fps

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Sheer Fantasy: Anastaxia's Pantyhose Domination (October 2015)

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