Stockholm Syndrome Collection Vol 1: Indra and Adrian (2012)


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This is the first official episode of our ladies' "Stockholm Syndrome Collection" of mixed wrestling domination vignettes. VeVe is running as ring of deadly females who capture and brainwash any man foolish enough to offend them. Each of the ladies, clad in sexy black leotards and tights, will use her own specialty style of physical domination on her selected victim... All while broadcasting these episodes as a lesson for men still at liberty.

The lovely Indra kicks off the series in this clip.

Adrian is captured and forced to square off against Indra. Though he thinks himself physically stronger, his strength fails him miserably once Indra gets her shapely, pantyhose-clad legs wrapped around his head.

Indra taunts her victim, gradually breaking him down with scissor holds, trampling, facesitting, shoulder locks (lotus lock), and her irresistably domineering attitude. Once she has him under her power, she commands him to adore her feet.

To conclude her fun, Indra subjects her victim to a series of head scissors coupled with female supremacy reprogramming. As she crushes his head, she forces him to declare that women are superior to men, over and over. And with final words of female dominance on his lips, she scissors him into oblivion.

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Also includes an opening address by VeVe.

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Stockholm Syndrome Collection Vol 1: Indra and Adrian (2012)

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