The Syndicate: Domme Squad. Anastaxia, Aralia, Jaylah, Katarina, Kira, VeVe, & the guys (June 2021)


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Filmed June 2021

Agent VeVe, head mistress of the Female Supremacy Syndicate, has a special, en masse "man taming" mission to share with her colleagues. And agents Anastaxia, Aralia, Jaylah, Katarina, and Kira are all quite pleased to join the head mistress in this group indoctrination session filled with female dominance and irresistible pantyhose-clad legs and feet.

The ladies have captured a collection of male specimens, each of whom had previously shown himself to be macho and arrogant. And as our scene opens, we find the captured men, wrists and ankles bound, lined up in a row, and awaiting their fate, with the eager syndicate agents standing over them. At a word from VeVe, each of the agents selects her male target and begins her work...

The indoctrination proceeds in various phases, featuring the female agents dominating their respective men with their enchanting legs, feet, asses, and words (headscissors, facesitting, feet in face, dominant/superior dialogue). First, all six agents work on their males simultaneously throughout the room. Next, the ladies clear to the sides of the room, each taking her moment in the center with her male, taking time in the spotlight to show off her domination style to her colleagues, who lounge casually on their respective males, to watch, comment, and encourage. Next, the agents place their males in a circle, heads to the center, and proceed to dominate them with facesitting and feet on the face.

The men at last reach sensory overload, surrounded entirely by the feet and legs of such confident women in nylons. Unable to resist the allure, they admit and accept their inferiority. The agents savor a series of victory poses over their captives, bind them further, and bask in their success as the lowly males willingly kiss their feet.

Female Domination scenario. Entirely improvised. The ladies wear sheer black pantyhose and black leotards of varying styles. 1920x1080 Full HD, 60 fps, 7mbps.

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MP4. 1080 Full HD, 60 fps, 7 mbps

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The Syndicate: Domme Squad. Anastaxia, Aralia, Jaylah, Katarina, Kira, VeVe, & the guys (June 2021)

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