Introducing Trixie LaPointe! Mixed Wrestling Playtime with Thrash (June 2023)


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Mistress Trixie LaPointe makes her first visit to the Doom Studio, and VeVe arranges a little welcome gift for her.  Trixie is a dominatrix and a shibari rope artist making her way onto the wrestling scene, so VeVe loans her Thrash, one of her favorite "opponent"-jobber-victims, for some mixed wrestling playtime. 

 Doomed though he is, Thrash wants to show what he can do and put up a good fight.  He dives in, struggling to get grips on Trixie and put her down.  

But poor Thrash is helpless against Trixie's long slim body and playful domination.  She wriggles from his grasp, wraps him up in leggy bodyscissors and headscissors, teases him with facesitting, and shows off more of her wrestling repertoire with triangles and RNC's.  She even brings out her ropes for a moment to wrap Thrash in a quick bind before letting him flail his way free and getting back to "pure" wrestling.


All throughout the match Trixie giggles and teases, making Thrash tell her how strong she is and asking him to tell her how different holds feel.  Meanwhile, while Trixie plays, Thrash grows more and more exhausted until VeVe returns to check on how they're doing.  She's delighted to see that Trixie's done such a lovely job putting Thrash in his place.  In fact, he looks all used up and surely needs a rest -- properly underneath Mistress LaPointe, of course, as her pedestal and her throne as she enjoys a number of victory poses.

Welcome to the mats, Trixie!

Trixie wears a bikini, and Thrash wears boyshorts underwear.

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Introducing Trixie LaPointe! Mixed Wrestling Playtime with Thrash (June 2023)

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