Woman to Woman: The Revenge VeVe Lane and Bianca Blance (Jan 2022)


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Classic Woman to Woman series action with VeVe Lane and Bianca Blance! VeVe and Bianca clash once again, as fiery Bianca comes in seeking redemption from their previous meet-up. No, not just redemption.... but revenge!

Seething, sultry, and set for battle, the ladies lock up in classic Woman to Woman style: pushing each other through a variety of sensually charged strength challenges, with eyes locked and teeth gritted, fighting the entire time in traditional Woman to Woman attire: thong bikinis.

These fierce ladies work through several standing contests of strength -- fingerlocks, bearhugs, and clinch headlocks -- before falling to the ground for a grueling, rolling catball. They are intense and impassioned female warriors, both strong and confident. They gasp and groan with effort, strain and flex with exertion, maintain aggressive eye contact, and seek to intimidate each other... all as the sensually of their battle builds...

As the ladies fall into their catball, locked together with legs intertwined, they roll, squeeze, grab hair, grab breasts, hand smother, fingerlock, and fight on... until, at last one lady is overcome by the sensuality of it all, losing herself and the match...

Sensual, athletic, aggressive fantasy strength battles and wrestling. Dramatic and expressive. Fingerlock, Headlock, and Bearhug tests are each about 4-minutes long. Catball is about 15 minutes long. Views from all angles. Thong bikinis.

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Woman to Woman: The Revenge VeVe Lane and Bianca Blance (Jan 2022)