Where Are the Jewels? A Bondage Caper with VeVe and Mistress Kara (May 2014)


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Filmed May 2014

In this fantasy scenario, Officer VeVe goes undercover on a mission to capture the infamous crime boss Kara and recover a fortune in stolen jewels. Disguised as one of Kara's "working girls," VeVe infiltrates the criminal headquarters and makes her way to Kara's private chamber to confront the boss lady herself.

Though she's caught unawares, Kara refuses to surrender. The ladies fly at each other, falling onto the bed in a furious struggle. After an energetic scramble, Kara seizes the upper hand, forcing VeVe to strip out of her bodystocking (into bra and panties), handcuffing VeVe, and then hogtying her.

But as Kara leaves to make a phone call, VeVe attempts her escape... while simultaneously looking for the stolen jewels. But as VeVe wriggles around on the floor, conducting her search while still cuffed and hogtied, Kara returns. Displeased, Kara removes the hogtie and throws VeVe back onto the bed. However, VeVe is primed to fight, and another bed battle ensues. But despite VeVe scrappy fighting, Kara puts her down with a hand smother.

As VeVe revives, she finds herself tied spread eagle to the bed with Kara arrogantly standing over her and brandishing a piece of the stolen jewelry. After taunting her captive, Kara then leaves her alone to struggle and savor her predicament.

But upon her return, Kara discovers that VeVe has escaped! But she's not gone far! VeVe, back in her bodysuit, sneak attacks Kara and wrestles her down on the bed, as she proceeds to handcuff and hogtie the infuriated criminal. VeVe taunts her bound adversary, snatches the jewels, and then leaves to call for backup. Kara, however, does not stay put for long... and when VeVe returns, she finds Kara has already vanished. 'Til next time!

Total running time: 15 minutes

Display size: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps. 30 fps.

Hotel room setting. VeVe wears red bodystocking and later strips to bra and panties. Kara wears fishnet stockings, black lace leotard over black bikini. No gags used.

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MP4. Resolution: 1280x720. 30 fps. 3.5 mbps.

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15 minutes

Where Are the Jewels? A Bondage Caper with VeVe and Mistress Kara (May 2014)

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